Criterion Hotel - History

The Criterion Hotel was built in 1865 by Charles Boykett. It originally had a two-storey timber veranda, but this was replaced by a cast iron veranda between 1880 and 1900. It is considered “one of the most impressive hotels in Victoria” and is listed on the Register of the National Estate.

The Criterion Hotel closed in 2006 and its rapidly deteriorating condition (see photograph 1st floor landing) caused local concern that it would be demolished. However, the site was subsequently purchased by a Traralgon-based developer who has expertise in restoration of commercial buildings. Under the watchful eye of developer, Peter Minster, the Criterion received a complete rebuild in 2010/11 with the external heritage facade and veranda fully restored.

We began operation in 2013 as a benchmark dinning, function and accommodation industry leader.

Criterion Hotel Sale - early

The Criterion Hotel before the verandah was built, as the town celebrates the arrival of the railway line.


Criterion Hotel Sale on verandah

Guests enjoy the verandah.


Criterin Hotel Sale - verandah

The timber verandah collapsed after timber posts were knocked out of place.


Criterion Hotel Sale

The Criterion features in more town celebrations, with a prime location being on the new iron verandah.


Criterion Hotel Sale

Automobiles in front of the Criterion Hotel.


Criterion Hotel - before restoration

The Criterion Hotel in 2010 before restoration work began.

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